Trade platforms are the fundamental working instrument for trader on FOREX market.

Trading Platform is a computer program which allows to analyze the market situation, to make transactions in manual and automatic modes, keep in touch with brokers and other traders.

Among the trading platforms offered by MarketsCube, you can find one that will best correspond to your requirements.

While selecting of your favorite trade platform be sure to pay close attention to this functionality.


Today the market offers a variety of trading platforms, and we will tell you about a few of them to give you a general idea of the available functionality.

Social Trader is an excellent solution in the absence of access to a personal computer. To use SIRIX Webtrader no need to install software on your computer. It is enough to open any available browser, go to our website www.MarketsCube.com and connect to trading platform using the username and password. This platform enables the use of the deferred stop orders, market indicators, wide range of trading assets, shares the results of their trade in social networks and participate in the "Social Trading".

Sirix for Mobile is almost full-featured trade platform in your pocket. Of course, from the perspective of a professional market analysis, Sirix for mobile is inferior to full-featured platforms. However, if you don't have a computer, but the situation requires not just to make a deal, but to make analysis of the market,

Mobile Trader allows to easily do it with help of mobile, working on iOS or Android. The platform includes an almost complete set of analytical tools, inherent in a stationary application.

Mobile Trader is indispensable companion of trader. This trading platform allows you to control trading account anywhere. By installing Mobile Trader on your phone, you can always participate in the trading. Thanks to mobile solutions from MarketsCube, no single trading signal and any important event will not pass by you, even if you far away from your computer. Mobile Trader provides access to your trading account from any place in the world.

Chosen one of the trading platforms offered by MarketsCube, you will easily manage your trading account in any circumstances.

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